martedì 5 febbraio 2013

Yarn along 6-02-2013

Peppa pig is one of my little princess favourite cartoons. Her design is simply, so why don't try to make one crocheted peppa? I've already made a knitted one, using a free pattern found on the web.

This is my work in progress: we still miss arms and legs. I'm not very sure about the lenght of the snout, maybe it is too long.

I'm reading the atrocity exhibition by Ballard and the great stink by Clark.
I really don't like the first one, but it was proposed in one of my reading group.
The great stink is a little bit better. The first 80 pages are boring and I was always thinking: "maybe I should give up", but a friend of mine told me "if you go beyond the 100 pages, you will be rewarded".
It has been a week full of nice moments:

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